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Writing Romantic Comedies To Fall In Love With

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A five week course for female writers who want to write romantic comedies, or improve on their work in progress.

WEEK 1: What Is A Romantic Comedy? In the first week, you will learn what makes a romantic comedy a romantic comedy, why some work and why some don't, the elements you need to make readers & audiences swoon, with lessons on romance & comedy, and how to find a balance that works.
WEEK 2: Who Should Be In Your Story? You will learn the cast of characters that are needed to write a successful rom-com, why some tropes don't work, what is overdone, who shouldn't be there, stereotypes to avoid, what makes a strong leading lady & love interest, and character development.

WEEK 3: Story Structure & Tropes. This week is all about structuring your story beats (the structure) and romantic comedy tropes with examples so you know how to create a solid story structure that works before you start writing your story, or to use for revisions!

WEEK 4: The Promise of the Story & Happily Ever After. How a strong beginning is crucial & how to show and not tell, especially at the beginning, and happy endings that work and when they don't work.

Week 5:  Screenwriting Techniques In this week you will learn how to rock your story screenwriting style using techniques that are used in screenwriting to help you mold your rom-com into one that audiences & readers love. You will also learn how using storyboards even if you aren't an artist can help you! Don't worry it's super fun.

WEEK 6: It's Your Turn! Bringing it all together. This week we will focus on YOU and YOUR story with practical steps to build your story using story mapping, beat sheets, plotting, and character worksheets so when you finish this course you will have an outline that is ready for you to write!


Taryn Weiner


I was in the beta for this course and I loved all the examples that Stephanie used and finally was like, wow, now I get it. I highly recommend this course for anyone who loves romantic comedy and wants to learn how to get it right. 

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There are exercises that you can do in each module. There isn't feedback on the exercises but if you have questions please get in touch with me and the week # and the name of the exercise and question in the subject line.  They are designed to help you dig deeper and create a working outline for your story. 

You will always have access to this course so you can repeat it for every novel or screenplay you are writing and refer back at anytime. As well, if left gets busy and you need to take a break, no worries, the course will always be here.

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This is not a selling and or marketing your novel or screenplay course, but at the end of the course, you will have a list of resources that have been vetted by me and my colleagues/recommendations. 

This is a writing craft course. See the course outline above, but this is a course that will help you strengthen your writing when writing romantic comedies. 

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I wish that I could but sorry, no, results will differ and there are no guarantees of monetary gains or sales. This is strictly a course on the craft of writing. You will have a better understanding of how to write a romantic comedy when you are done. 

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We can promise that you will come away with a better understanding of romantic comedies and how to write them.  
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