Coming this fall!! 
a new approach to building your stories!

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Recipe For A Story

How to write a solid story (rom-com/sweet romance)

Ready to write a novel you can be proud of that has a solid foundation 
and just the right mix of plot, character, conflict, comedy, & romance?

  Introducing my new writing course for any female writer who writes romantic comedies, sweet & contemporary romance who wants to learn how to put together a story in a way that makes readers and audiences fall in love and come back for more.

In this course you will build your story from the base up using what I call The Wedding Cake Method TM  This is something I have used in my coaching for years, so, I decided to focus the course around this method--why? Because it works!!  

You will learn how plan out your story (the ingredients) and build it step by step into a beautiful cake---er I mean, NOVEL or SCREENPLAY!

This method is also great for revisions!

What's Included? COMING SOON 

How much is this amazing course?
About the price of a writing conference or a flight to a conference