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Hey there fabulous writer!! I'd love to work with you one to one concierge coaching.

Now taking applications for summer coaching spots! Get your application in and get you scheduled.
I only take a maximum of 4 clients per month and sometimes that goes down to 2 depending on the packages writers choose so I can give the attention that you want and need.

I'm happy to book out months in advance if you are planning to finish your book or screenplay/teleplay  this summer and want to secure your spot. There is a 50% down payment for anything further than 3 months to hold your spot.
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                   LET'S WORK TOGETHER

My PRIVATE 1:1 coaching and consulting services are for any female writer who feels stuck and needs help choosing the right path and plan of action.
 I offer CONCIERGE story/book coaching & that means that we get on a call and I tailor it to YOUR needs because not every writer is the same. 

If you don't know where to start and are overwhelmed in your storytelling journey then I'm your gal.  I have helped many writers across many genres and mediums figure out the best path for their individual goals.   I'm super excited to work with you on your story! Whether you are writing your first spec script, pilot, novel, or screenplay, I can HELP YOU! 

I specialize in helping writers find their story, what they want to say, and help them gain clarity in their genre so they can move forward to reach their storytelling goals.  

 Below are just some of the things we will cover together in our sessions.


This is something that many writers struggle with so we will deep dive into your genre of choice, why you are writing in that genre and figure out together if it's right for your story! 


No story is a story without great characters. Working together I help you map out your lead character and or characters, why they are the ones to tell the story and what they want or need. 


This sounds so simple but like great Italian food, it's deceptive. We will work together on your story to find the best way for you to tell it, and deep dive into what is working and what you can do to make it stronger. 

                                                   GET IN TOUCH to start your application and find out if we are a good match--

Tailored to your needs!

Currently, I have  different levels to help you reach your goals. SPACES are limited as I only take on a few clients each month so act now!

 Even if you aren't quite ready, that's okay, you can shoot me an email and we can figure out a time frame that works for you to get started and then I block out that time on my calendar so the spot is YOURS!  

Don't worry. I HAVE YOU COVERED!

I don't block out the dates until payment is made.
All writers are chosen after we have a discovery call to see if I'm the right coach for you. I believe that it's important that we can communicate well and that I can help you. I've been doing this for over a decade and sometimes it's not a right fit, or I feel that I am not the best coach so that's why I require an application and discovery call for all writers. No exceptions.

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Book coaching




Pitching coaching is helping you develop a pitch strategy for their story including an evaluation of your query letter and synopsis.

  • An honest review of your screenplay or teleplay, OR the first twenty pages of your novel
  • Review of your query letter with notes
  • Review of your one page synopsis
  • Marketability 
  • Suggestions of how to find an agent
  • Written feedback
  • An action plan for pitching your work
  • Zoom coaching calls

Book coaching focusing on PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL



PLAN YOUR STORY before it's written

We work together to outline your novel in a way that gives you a clear roadmap for completing your manuscript. Using a way that has proven results.

  • Blueprint plan for your story 
  • Character narrative arc map
  • World building
  • Genre Clarity
  • Review of the blueprint or outline of your story with notes
  • Story beats & structure
  • Zoom coaching calls
  • A plan of action to finish your novel 





Working with you as your coach to help develop or revise your story to get it ready for publishing. I focus on  getting to the the heart of your story, structure, plot, characters & voice. It's deeper than a manuscript evaluation.

  • Editorial letter on the full manuscript
  • Developmental notes on the big picture
  • Deep dive on the first two chapters or up to 25-pages
  • Review of the protagonist(s)
  • Review of the story structure
  • A detailed plan for revisions 
  • Zoom coaching calls

If you aren't sure if a full book coaching package is right for you. I have smaller packages for manuscript evaluations that might be just what you are looking for!

A manuscript evaluation is NOT developmental editing and is therefore a great bridge between a beta reader and a developmental edit or flat out book coaching that is continuous.

 When I do a manuscript evaluation it is an analysis of your whole manuscript and you will come out with a better understanding of what needs some work. See the two packages that I currently offer below.  

Please contact me at to get started!





A partial manuscript evaluation is a review of your first pages, what agents, editors, and readers see first. It is not book coaching or developmental editing

  • Give feedback on the first two chapters or 25-pages
  • Voice
  • Character
  • Marketability 
  • Opening pages promise of the story
  • Style of writing 
  • Genre clarity 
  • 60-minute coaching call via Zoom with recording 




+$250 each additional 10,000 words

A full novel manuscript evaluation is a review of your full manuscript. It is not book coaching or developmental editing

  • Give  general feedback on the full novel, what's working, what needs some work 
  • Voice
  • Genre clarity
  • Character
  • Marketability 
  • Structure
  • Story  
  • 60-minute coaching call via Zoom with recording 




and one page synopsis

Reading your query, synopsis and first 5 pages of your novel through the perspective of an agent or reader.

  • Give  general feedback on the query what's working, what needs some work 
  • Your comps
  • Your pitch
  • Review of your one page synopsis
  • Feedback on your opening page
  • Would I keep reading? Feedback on your first five-pages 
  • 60-minute coaching call via Zoom with recording 


Sometimes as writers we need more than just a one time review with notes.
I'd love to be your coach on a month to month basis. 

After we work together on one of the above packages we can continue our work through continuing monthly support. 
**if you feel that you want to jump right into ongoing coaching I will consider it but only if you have had a professional edit, or feedback of some kind in the past. This is on a case by case basis.


$1000/month with a 6-month commitment    ~  two calls a month and weekly goal setting & weekly feedback on your pages via e-mail using WORD
$500/month with a 3-month commitment     ~   one call a month and a once a month exercise/goal/ with feedback and I will answer emails once a week on Fridays

 Prices are in USD


Working one on one with a story coach is life-changing.

You will come out feeling confident about your writing, the direction you are heading in, how to navigate obstacles that come up in this journey and more!

Very often my writers and I become friends, although it's not a requirement or expectation, it tends to happen.
I love watching writers come into their own and really grow as story tellers. This isn't just a business to me, it's about making a personal connection to help you grow as a writer.

 Are you ready to work together? Email me at

If you don't see a package that works for you, please email me so we can tailor one to your needs. The ones listed are the most popular and gives you an idea of my services. I have been a concierge coach for writers since 2008, and I believe that all writers are different, so working together to create a package that is right for you is definitely an option.


"Anyone looking to write a novel-- even pantsers like myself-- will find the pre-writing package a dream. Planning out key elements of the novel before writing makes me much more confident in the bones of my story. Stephanie was encouraging, helpful, and asked great questions that made me think deeper about my characters and what I'm trying to say. She's the cheerleader we all need when starting to write a novel. "


"After I finished my manuscript, I found myself at a loss for which agents to query or how to find them. Stephanie's help with identifying the right agents, as well as with crafting my query (especially the pitch!) and synopsis, was invaluable. Her direction and guidance helped me hone in on what to include for a clear, concise pitch, and distill the plot down to its main points for the synopsis. She is excellent at really breaking things down. She is truly an expert in the field. My writing has greatly benefited from her professionalism and know-how."


"Stephanie's insightful coaching helped me to fuse zest with pragmatism in my query. While preparing me to navigate the publishing industry's norms and lingo, she also prompted me to enliven the query with my own voice."


"I had a chance to have Stephanie look over both of my concepts and a few outlines for a sitcom spec that I'm writing. Stephanie's feedback was spot on. She was able to immediately hone in on and determine which concept ideas were viable and which were not.  She pointed out to me that the comedy premise should not just be an afterthought or something "tacked on" but should really stem from a "logical" and "organic" progression of the main character's motivations, which was not obvious to me at the time."   

The possibilities are endless when you work with a writing coach one-on-one!

Many times stories are written based on a good idea but the story structure, plot, or characters haven't been fully realized and then frustration sets in for the author.
As a story coach I will help you get to the heart of your story and the why you are writing it before you waste hundreds of hours in revisions without a plan.

My personalized coaching style will help you get rid of overwhelm, and get back to the story you are writing with joy and enthusiasm.

I help you figure out your character's misbelief, flaw, and narrative arcs.
Get down the story beats for the entire manuscript, and map out your secondary characters.

Writing a book, screenplay, or teleplay is like baking a wedding cake. There are many, many, many, layers and they are all important but if you don't understand how to use them all you end up with a big old mess!

Story coaching is for any female writer who writes contemporary romance, chick-lit, romantic-comedy, and sweet romance.
If this is you! Contact me now to set up a free 30-minute consulting call!

Why hire a writing coach?

Here are some of the things that will happen!
You will

find your writing superpowers & harness them
find your unique and special voice that only you have
understand why you are writing this story
create real characters who readers & audiences will fall in love with
avoid months, possibly, years of revisions

& there's more

You will have a plan of action to take your story to the next level. Whether we work together at the very beginning (which is what I love the most!!) or I help you with a story that is already written we can achieve this together.

I can't wait to hear from you! 

Why work with me?

I know there are a lot of great coaches out there and just like writers, and cake, we all have our different qualities that may or may not be right for you. This is why we do a 30-minute call first to see if we are a match. As well, I have an application for my writers to apply for one-on-one coaching.
If we aren't a match I will do my best to direct you to someone who is a better fit.

I have combined three decades of working in entertainment & publishing in many different areas and have been coaching writers since 2008
I'm a certified book coach & am a professional developmental editor as well, I'm also a writer. 
I know STORY. Its like breathing to me. I can't go to the grocery store without coming back with a story about something that happened in perfect structure! Haha, okay, maybe not always but you get it.
STORY is a part of who I am.
Let's get started!
XO Stephanie

Is having a coach right for me? 
What is a book coach and do I need one? 
A book coach helps you get to the heart of your story. 

  • You are open to feedback 
  • You are ready to work 
  • You are flexible with ideas
  • You have some understanding of story structure 
  • You are honest about your writing history 
  • You like to have fun with your storytelling 
  • You are willing to try new things
  • You understand that the craft of writing isn't ever finished
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and your career as a writer
  • You believe your book is perfect 
  • You are looking for compliments
  • You aren't open to try new things
  • You don't know anything about story structure 
  • You pretend to further on the journey than your are
  • You don't want to change anything 
  • You already know everything about writing
  • You have read a few craft books so feel that you are done learning
  • You don't want to/or can't make the investment in your writing


I wish that I could, but unfortunately, this isn't something that I can guarantee from coaching. 

No, I'm sorry but there aren't refunds on writing coaching as it's very time consuming and many times writers don't love to get feedback but my goal as your coach is to help you grow as a writer so sometimes the feedback might be hard to hear but I am your biggest cheerleader and I do my best to be as positive as I can during the process. 

This is something that comes up a lot, but to serve you and my other clients in the best possible way, I don't offer 24/7 service at this time. I do reply to emails though and I always want you to be comfortable coming to me with your concerns. Usually, if a writer is emailing a lot we will jump on a call or I will address everything in one email to cover it all. 

That is something different than I currently offer but I can recommend other editors who do offer those services. 

I do both story coaching and developmental editing, which means, that I focus on the big picture and getting to the heart of the story with you. I believe that story is always first and the words are last. 

This isn't one size fits all but I can say that it will depend on your goals, your current level of writing, your story, and how we work together. 

I have this requirement so you can assess if hiring a coach is right for you and I can assess if I am the right coach for you. s

I know many coaches and I am happy to recommend someone else for you. If you aren't a match with me, I will send you an email explaining why I feel like we aren't a good match. I want every writer to be happy and successful in their experience so I do my best to ensure this happens.